Company operating in the field of district heating, cogeneration and trigeneration. In addition to the construction of thermal and electrical plants, offers consulting services for the development and design of third-party plants.
It proposes with experience and professionalism as the only interlocutor for all stages of implementation of the project
Development: from the analysis of energy needs and costs to the preparation of the business plan
Design and construction: operational design with selection of suppliers, construction and completion of plants
Management and management: all plant maintenance operations are included in the activities of ETS and Energemini.

Aiming for the smart use of energy, Enerbrain was born as a young and dynamic start-up that helps to reduce energy consumption related to air conditioning/ heating of large areas to monitor the air quality inside buildings, in order to improve indoor comfort, as well as eliminate unnecessary costs and emissions.
Constant monitoring of energy data, automatic management thanks to the use of artificial intelligence able to learn over time to provide an increasingly targeted service and the short payback of the project (less than three years) ensure a strong reduction in environmental impact, maintaining economic performance and ensuring energy efficiency.

A strategic reference point in the sector for over 50 years and recognized worldwide in the production of electromechanical components, Rold has embarked on a new path of research closely related to energy efficiency. The great experience and know-how allows Rold to offer the customer high-tech solutions that generate an immediate increase in productivity, improving performance, the availability of machinery and simplifying communication within the production process.
Rold’s innovations with the Smartfab platform meet the modern needs of Industry 4.0 and IOT (Industrial Internet of Things): the management and monitoring of the main energy and efficiency parameters are available in real time through the latest technologies, also directly to the wrist of the manager thanks to the partnership with Samsung and its devices (smartwatch, wearables, tablet…).