Partnership between Energemini and Enerbrain – further successes on the Polish market

27. May 2021

On Friday 7 May the Energemini Polska Team had the pleasure of meeting Filippo Ferraris, international Sales Director and co-founder of Enerbrain, a company that represents a strategic partner for us and that support us in the services we offer in the Polish territory.

During the day of Friday and the following weekend, thanks to the help of Filippo Ferraris and the collaboration of Power Solution, we installed an innovative Enerbrain monitoring system called “eMeter” in a factory of our client, company operating in the industrial sector. This system will allow the company to make strategic decisions in this regard and be able to save, and therefore increase its turnover, reduce waste and make it even more sustainable for the environment.

After three days of intense fieldwork, the following week began with a conference, held on May 10th near our headquarter inn Wroclaw, fortunately in attendance while maintaining the right distances and anti-Covid regulations. This event was organized by us to allow Filippo Ferraris to illustrate the Enerbrain company to the participants. Through a clear and comprehensive presentation, the co-founder of the company illustrated the processes, technologies and product that characterizes them, and finally how they can integrate this system within the client company, also bringing some real examples.

The presentation ended with a brief mention of the future of this market, increasingly towards a flexible market and the creation of a so-called Virtual Power Plant, areas and areas that also have an important ultimate goal, that of being a partner of ‘environment.

After an intense questioning session, the guests were able to take advantage of the beautiful day to have a quick lunch, based on piazza and seafood salads, discuss the topic in more detail and better understand this excellent opportunity proposed by Enerbrain.

The following days were fruitful in meetings with potential future clients of both Energemini Polska and Enerbrain, continuing the long process of energy transition, which is becoming increasingly necessary in Poland. During the meetings, our team gathered information on customer needs and developed initial solutions. This data will lay the foundation for future projects that will help our customers manage their energy resources wisely.”